The exquisite dam lends itself to all types of watersports.  We have many kinds of boats, canoes, tubes and a raft all available to our guests. The dam is plenty big enough to ski. Fishing fanatics are welcome. For more serious swimmers and canoeists, this is the perfect venue to put in some hours to get you nearer that podium.

Pop the whole family in the electric motor boat and head out for a cruise.  You will hopefully spot countless bird species including the magnificent fish eagle.  You may also see the endangered Ground Hornbill which often roams our pastures and the Cape Parrot which makes frequent stops at the pecan nut trees, these are wonderful sightings. Crowned cranes grace our paddocks with their elegant presence.

Nature Walks

We live in such a special valley that we are very eager to showcase this beauty so we offer guided walks of varying distances suited to your particular group or family.  Some of these walks may include a 4×4 drive on the bakkie which is a highlight for most kids. Walks take you through natural bush, timber plantations, open veld, along rivers and past many pretty dams.  We can even arrange a picnic at a spot of your choice.

Mountain Biking & Trail Running

See our dedicated page for all MTB and Trail running activities.


Myddelton is a photographer’s paradise.  The variety of content is rich and endless. Animal life, plant life, magnificent landscapes, sunrises over the water, sunsets over the ridge line and rustic settings.  We can arrange to take you out to sites that may be of specific interest.


Malcolm Gemmel is an accredited tourist guide who has 29 years of birding experience in the area and has developed an intimate knowledge of the local bird population, as well as roosts, feeding areas and activities. (And sometimes nest sites.) Whether you are a serious birder or just wanting to spend a morning or afternoon learning about our birds, spending time with Malcolm will be a memorable and fascinating experience. Contact him directly at or we can help to facilitate an outing with him tailored to your interests.

Timber Farming

We are a working timber farm so if you are interested in learning about the process from planting tiny seedlings to plank manufacture at our sawmill we will happily show you around.  We can even arrange for our chainsaw operator to show you the skill of bringing the huge trees crashing to the ground.

Dairy Visits

Ever wondered about how the milk gets from the cow to your table? This is always a fascinating experience for kids so we arrange to take you out to local dairies for a first-hand glimpse at the process. We are not far from one of the top rotary dairies in the country so if you need to burn some energy bring your bicycles and we can get you there with pedal power. We can also arrange a walk to our beef herd for an insight into the steaks you enjoy.  It’s a magical experience to see all the new babies just been born if your visit coincides with spring.  You may even experience a calf being born!