Hodson History

A glimpse into the past – Great-great grandfather James Jeffries Hodson sailed from London on 14th June 1850 to Durban at the tender age of 15years. He settled on their allocated plot near Lidgetton they called Caversham and subsequently built the Caversham Mill on the Midlands Meander. James’ son Hubert left Caversham to settle at Myddelton around 1901. He and his wife Charlotte raised 10 children including Geoff ‘Papa’ Hodson and if that wasn’t enough adopted a daughter. Their original house still stands on the farm and is lovingly maintained by Alistair and Norah Cameron. Geoff grew up and farmed for most of his life at Myddelton raising his 5 children including Denis ‘Dad’ (present owner) with his wife Joan ‘Nanny’. The fruits of their hard labour have been partially preserved and is still evident in the original yellowwood milking shed now being used for wedding ceremonies. All are buried on the farm. If only they could see Myddelton now!